Ghee Pot
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Brass Ghee Pot with Lid & Spoon
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Brass Saucepan / Tea Pan / Milk Pan
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Brass Patila with Lid / Milk Topia
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Brass Kadai
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Brass Kadai / Pital Kadhai - Round Bottom
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Biryani Handi
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Brass Biryani Handi For Cooking
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Chapati Tawa
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Brass Roti Tawa / Chapati Tawa With Handle
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Kitchen Containers
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Brass Kitchen Containers / Brass Dabba
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Brass Paraat For Kneading Dough
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Flat Bottom Kadai
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Brass Kadhai / Wok - Flat Bottom
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Brass Utensils & Cookware Sets

A Timeless Addition to Indian Kitchens

Kansawala Kitchenware now brings healthy cooking and serving solutions to the doorstep of every Indian household through our online shop. Pure Brass cookware and utensils from Kansawala are perfect for your healthy cooking with traditional style. Handmade, sturdy, and durable, they are a must-have in any kitchen. Our ancestors have been using brass utensils for a very long time since these items are not only mythical and spiritual but are also known for good health.

For centuries, brass utensils have been an integral part of Indian culinary experiences. From traditional cooking utensils to serving plates and dishes, brass has been used for many purposes in India. Not only this, brass utensils are considered today for creating an authentic Indian dining experience while serving meals. In ancient times, Brass metal was available in abundance and our ancestors used brass vessels for cooking meals as the metal is healthy and safe to cook in.

Kansawala offers a wide array of stylish & authentic pure brass utensils (pital ke bartan) with a tin coating that you should add to your Indian kitchen and nourish with the idea of using utensils that enhance health & wellness at home.

The Timeless Appeal Of Brass Utensils

While the use of brass utensils in Indian dining is not a new phenomenon, it has seen a resurgence in recent years. There are several reasons for this, but chief among them is the fact that brass, an alloy of Copper & Zinc, is an incredibly durable material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Kansawala brass utensils bear all the authentic properties of pure brass metal and are also very beautiful to add a touch of elegance to any Indian dining experience.

Many believe that the use of brass utensils dates back to the Vedic period in India (which lasted from approximately 1500 BCE to 500 BCE). During this time, brass was often used for making ritual objects and tools. It wasn't until much later, however, that brass began to be used more commonly for cooking and eating utensils.

Kansawala’s exclusive brass utensils and cookware sets are ornate and include serving platters, bowls, spoons, and other cookware like kadahi, saucepan, bhagona, and much more. So, when it comes to Indian dining experiences, there is nothing quite like incorporating Kansawala Brass utensils into the mix. Not only do they add a touch of elegance to the occasion, but they are also incredibly durable and easy to care for!

Bring Home The Magic Of Brass From Kansawala

Indian cooking is a time-honored tradition that has been passed down through generations, and the use of brass utensils is an integral part of the experience. From serving food to preparing meals, Kansawala’s brass cooking utensils or ‘pital ke bartan’ are gaining traction in India, and their timeless appeal along with multiple health benefits makes them the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Over the centuries, brass has been revered as a material of great strength and beauty. From its use in ancient weaponry to the decorative designs that adorn many Indian temples, brass holds a special place in culture. Brass is attractive and simply magical! 

Each piece of Kansawala Brass utensils is meticulously handcrafted by our rural artisans from Gujrat, Sihor with impeccable finish and has been appreciated by thousands of households across India. For generations, Kansawala has played a major role in integrating Indian cultural heritage into our modern dining experience.

 Brass Utensils - Best Partner For Cooking & Serving Food

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that has been used in India for centuries, particularly in the kitchen. Kansawala’s Brass cooking utensils bear a nice coating of tin that prevents the leaching of metal in food making them completely safe to cook any Indian meal. 

Whether you are using them for everyday meals or special occasions, Kansawala’s ‘pital ke bartan’  are always a welcome addition. Many Indians believe that cooking in brassware infuses more positive and auspicious energy into the meals. Kansawala’s Brass utensils have several reasons to choose for:

Good Conductors of Heat: Indian cuisine often involves cooking at high temperatures, so Kansawala pure brass utensils are a perfect choice. They won't warp or melt as other materials can, and they'll only get better with age.

Long-lasting: Brass is a relatively durable metal that can withstand frequent use and cleaning, which makes it ideal for Indian cooking where the cookware is used extensively.

Non-Reactive: Kansawala’s Brass cooking utensils are relatively non-reactive with acidic food, which makes them safe to use with a wide range of Indian dishes that contain tamarind, tomatoes, and other acidic ingredients.

Traditional Touch: Brass has been used for centuries in Indian cooking, and it has become a tradition to use brass vessels for cooking traditional dishes. When meals are cooked in brass cookware, you will get the same authentic taste in your food which is full of nutrition as well.

Perfect Tableware: Kansawala Brass Utensils are quite beautiful as they add a touch of luxury to any table setting and are sure to impress your guests. Whether you use them for everyday dining or save them for special occasions, brass utensils are a great way to add some Indian flair to your home.

Choose Kansawala Brass Utensils – India’s #1 Choice

We, the Kansawala group from Gujrat are the leading producer and manufacturer of brass utensils and cookware for generations. Our skilled artisans handcrafted the products intending to provide healthy cooking solutions and make the kitchen a more enjoyable place to be.

Brass utensils are a timeless addition to any Indian dining experience. With their ornate designs, they bring an element of sophistication to the table and make your guests feel welcome. Not only do they look good but they are also great for cooking as brass retains heat well and is more durable than other materials. Investing in a set of high-quality brass utensils will guarantee you many years of enjoyment while entertaining special dinner parties or even just enjoying a cozy meal with family and friends at home.

Explore our vast range of the best Brass Utensils and cookware sets specially curated for your kitchen at Kansawala Online Shop. All our products are handmade, easy to clean, perfect to dine in, and classy in every way.

Kansawala Premium Brass Cooking Utensils For Authentic Cooking & Nutritious Meals!