Kansawala's Exquisite Bronze Serving Ware: A Must-Have For Any Household

Kansawala's Exquisite Bronze Serving Ware: A Must-Have For Any Household

Hello and welcome to all culinary enthusiasts to Kansawala Blog! Of course, you must have a collection of serve ware to serve food to your family or guests. But is your serve ware bland that doesn't do justice to your culinary creations? If yes, then Kansawala brings you an incredible range of Bronze Serving Ware - the ultimate must-have for any kitchen. With its stunning design, high-quality materials, and unmatched durability, this serving ware will take your dining experience to a whole new level.

Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a meal with family and friends, Kansawala's Bronze Serving Ware is sure to impress. Read on to discover why it should be at the top of your shopping list! So, without much ado, let's get to know them!

The Brilliance of Kansawla Bronze Serving Ware

Kansa Serving ware is a collection of utensils, dishes, and accessories designed to serve food and beverages during meals or gatherings. Kansawala encompasses many items, including plates, bowls, platters, trays, pitchers, serving spoons, forks, ladles, and more. Kansa serving ware is perfect for practical and aesthetic purposes, allowing food to be presented attractively and facilitating the serving process.

Kansawala's bronze serving ware is a must-have for any home chef. We have been manufacturing high-quality handmade Bronze kitchen utensils for over six generations while upgrading the kitchens and lifestyles of thousands of Indian households and abroad.

All our Kansa Serving ware consists of 100% pure alloy of Copper and Tin that are designed to last a lifetime. These are sustainable alternatives to plastic and stainless steel utensils. In addition, Kansawala offers a trade-in program to upgrade your utensils as your needs change after using them for years.

Benefits of Using Kansa Serving Ware

Kansa serving ware, also known as bronze serving ware, offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and wellness benefits. Let's discover why it's a remarkable addition to your kitchen.

  • A Touch of Artistry
  • Each piece of Kansawala Serving ware is handcrafted by skilled artisans who meticulously shape and polish the Kansa to perfection. The result is a stunning and elegant serving ware that adds a touch of sophistication to any table setting. To know more about this, read our blog on "The Art of Handcrafting Kansa Utensils at Kansawala."

  • Ayurvedic Heritage
  • Ayurveda recognizes the inherent health benefits of Kansa and its positive effects on the body. The composition of Kansa, primarily consisting of copper and tin, is believed to harmonize the doshas (energies) within the body, promoting overall well-being. Read about the "Surprising Health Benefits of Kansa Utensils" in our blog.

  • Alkalizing Effect
  • In Ayurveda, maintaining a balanced pH supports digestion and overall health. By using Kansa serving ware, you can enhance the alkaline properties of certain foods and contribute to a more balanced diet.

  • Subtle Flavor Enhancement
  • The unique composition of Kansa imparts a subtle and pleasant flavor to the food served in it. This natural enhancement adds a touch of richness to the dining experience, making every bite or sip more enjoyable.

  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Kansa serving ware is highly durable and long-lasting. The combination of copper and tin ensures its resistance to corrosion and tarnish, allowing it to maintain its shine and beauty over time. Investing in Kansa serving ware means you can enjoy its benefits for years.


    Different Types of Kansawala Bronze Serving Ware

    When serving food, nothing is more important than using the right tools. Kansawala has all the right ones to help you with your needs. Let's check them out:

    Kansa 6 Pc Spoon Set

    Kansawala's Bronze Spoon Set is round-shaped with a sturdy handle, making it easy to use while eating gravies or rice. It is a set of six spoons, perfect for a family dinner or a small gathering with friends. Great to serve soups, salads, desserts, appetizers, and more. 

    Kansa Serving Bowl Set

    With Kansawala's Serving Bowl set of 2, you can easily serve vegetables, gravies, curries, rice, sweets, and more to guests in style! These bowls come with lids and ladles as well. Food will remain hot with these bowls due to their excellent heat conductivity. With its polished finish, antibacterial properties, and easy-to-maintain features, this serving bowl set will be a great addition to your serving space.

    Kansa Rice Serving Spoon

    It is an exquisitely crafted flat spoon with a handle designed for a secure and comfortable grip, allowing you to scoop up and serve rice, biryani, pulao, and more.

    Kansa 2 Pc Serving Tablespoon Set

    The Kansawala Tablespoon serving set includes two spoons to cater to the different serving needs. One is an Oval-shaped tablespoon, and one is a Round Tablespoon. This set is Handmade and lightweight with sturdy handles, adding a touch of tradition and culture to your dining experience. 

    Kansa 6 Pc Dessert Spoon Set

    Kansawala's 6 Pc Ice Cream Spoon set has an elegant square-shaped tip design that lets you enjoy your favorite ice cream or dessert with friends and family in Kansa Ice Cream Bowl. It's perfect for hosting dinner parties or gatherings where everyone can enjoy a sweet treat together.

    Kansa 3 Pc Serving Spoon Set

    This set contains three serving spoons perfect for serving various dishes. Each spoon is handcrafted from high-quality bronze, ensuring they are durable and long-lasting. It includes a flat Rice Spoon to serve rice, salads, biryani, etc. The second one is an Oval Tablespoon with a pointed tip to serve soup &stews. The third is a Round Tablespoon to serve sabzi, curries, gravies, curd, and more. It is an all-in-one set from Kansawala.

    Enhance Your Table Setting with Kansawala Finest Serving Ware

    All Serving ware pieces from Kansawala are beautiful, durable, and versatile. Apart from the serveware mentioned above, we have an exquisite collection of Bronze dinner plates, Kansa thali, Kansa Bowls, Bronze dinner set, and much more to serve meals to your guests and family in a gracious way.

    Decorate your house with Kansawala Bronze Serving ware by using them as a centerpiece, creating elegant pace settings for guests, or giving them as gifts to your loved ones. With a wide range of products available at Kansawala for every meal, you can be sure that your dishes will always look fantastic on the dinner table. In addition, our beautiful pieces of serving ware from the Kansawala shop will quickly become your go-to items whenever you plan to organize a special occasion for your friends and family.