The Art Of Handcrafting Pure Kansa Utensils At Kansawala

The Art Of Handcrafting Pure Kansa Utensils At Kansawala

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful and high-quality Kansa or Bronze utensils that grace your dining table come to life? Well, wonder no more! We are taking you behind the scenes of Kansawala, where our skilled artisans use their time-honored techniques to create the best Kansa utensils in India. From design to manufacturing, we'll show you every step of the way and give you a glimpse into the passion and dedication that goes into every utensil. So grab a cup of tea (served in your favorite Kansa Glass, of course), sit back, and join us on this journey through craftsmanship and artistry.

What are Kansa Utensils & Their Benefits? 

Kansa utensils are a type of cooking utensil made from an alloy of copper and tin. They are widely used in Indian kitchens and are known for their durability and ability to conduct heat evenly. Kansa utensils are also said to have health benefits, as they are thought to help regulate the body's temperature and improve circulation. To know more about the multiple benefits of Kansa utensils, read our blog on the health benefits of Kansa utensils.

The Inside Look at the Artistic Process of Crafting Kansa Utensils at Kansawala

Kansawala is a trusted family-run business located in Gujarat, India. For generations, the Kansawala family members along with 24 local craftsmen have been creating beautiful and functional metal utensils from a metal alloy known as "Kansa." The Kansa metal is composed of 78% of premium copper & 22% of high-quality tin metal, and is prized for its durability and unique reddish color. Our flagship products are Kansa Dinner Set, Kansa Thali Dinner Set, Kansa Glass, Kansa Bhojan Thali, etc.

Unlike mass-produced casting methods commonly used in manufacturing, Kansawala takes pride in creating their products from sheets of Kansa using traditional hammering techniques. Here's a detailed overview of our unique manufacturing process:

Bronze Sheet Selection

Our artisans meticulously select high-quality Kansa sheets for their products. These sheets are carefully inspected for purity, thickness, and durability, ensuring only the finest materials are used.

Hammering Technique

Once the sheets are selected, skilled artisans use hammers to carefully shape and forge the Kansa sheets into the desired utensil shape. This process requires precision and expertise, as the artisans carefully hammer the sheets to create the desired thickness and form of the utensil.

Heat Treatment

After the initial shaping, the Kansa utensils are subjected to heat treatment to enhance their strength and durability. This process involves heating the utensils to a specific temperature and then rapidly cooling them, resulting in a hardened and toughened product that is resistant to breakage.


Once the heat treatment is completed, the Kansa utensils are meticulously finished by hand. Artisans use various techniques, such as polishing and buffing, to create a smooth and lustrous surface on the utensils, giving them their unique appearance.

Quality Checks

Throughout the manufacturing process, Kansawala artisans conduct thorough quality checks to ensure that each utensil meets its stringent quality standards. This includes checking for any defects, ensuring proper thickness, and verifying the overall quality and finish of the product.

The combination of using high-quality Kansa sheets, traditional hammering techniques, and meticulous craftsmanship results in Kansa kitchen utensils that are unbreakable, durable, and unique. Each piece goes through approx. 23 processes to reach the final stage. Kansawala's commitment to handmade products and their expertise in the craft has earned them the trust of customers who appreciate the artistry and quality of their Kansa utensils.

Advantages of Handmade Kansa Utensils over Machine-Made Ones

There are several advantages of handmade Kansa utensils over machine-made ones due to which Kansawala’s creations are a preferred choice for Indian households. Firstly, handmade Bronze utensils are more durable as they are made from a single piece of metal. Machine-made utensils, on the other hand, are usually made from multiple pieces of metal welded together, which makes them more prone to breakage. Secondly, handmade utensils have a smoother finish and are more comfortable to use. Thirdly, handmade Kansa utensils can be customized according to the user's preferences, whereas machine-made utensils are mass-produced and cannot be customized. Lastly, handmade Kansa utensils support local artisans and help to preserve traditional techniques.

Quality Control & Durability Tests for Kansawala Utensils

When it comes to creating high-quality Kansa utensils, the process at Kansawala starts long before the actual crafting of the pieces. The metal alloy used in Kansa metal utensils is carefully sourced and tested for quality. Once the metal is determined to be up to the standards set by the Kansawala team, it undergoes a series of durability tests. These tests ensure that the metal can withstand repeated use without breaking or bending. 

Kansawala's Kansa utensils are proudly NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certified, validating their exceptional quality. The rigorous testing and calibration processes carried out by NABL ensure that Kansawala's Kansa utensils meet strict quality standards, including durability, strength, and composition. This certification further reinforces the trust and confidence that customers have in Kansawala's handmade products, knowing that they are crafted to the highest quality standards and backed by recognized accreditation.

The Shining Glaze of Authentic Kansa Utensils

We hope that this behind-the-scenes look at Kansawala’s artistic process of creating high-quality Kansa utensils has given you a better understanding of what goes into making these beautiful pieces of art. From the careful selection and sourcing to the intricate shaping and polishing process, every step is taken with precision and attention to detail. The result is truly unique pieces of Bronze dinnerware and serve ware that will stand the test of time and be cherished for generations to come.