Forgotten Metal Kansa

Forgotten Metal Kansa

The metal Kansa is an alloy of copper and tin. Known in the West as bronze, it was the first of humanity’s metal alloys – and perhaps the most significant.

Kansa, or bronze as we would name it, revolutionized the ancient world in many ways.

Kansa has many uses; for utensils and implements used in ceremonies.

Along with these uses, there has been the tradition of Ayurvedic physicians recommending the use of Kansa on the feet for their clients

Kansa enhances intellect, improves gut health, appetitive & immunity, purifies blood, and balances tridoshas. Kansa is also known for killing harmful germs.

The unique aspect of this dinner set is the confluence of craft from Kerala & Gujarat where we have got  two unique craftsmen’s creation to make one complete set.

Kansa as it is known traditionally was used in every household across sihor, Gujarat and most parts of western India.

Ayurveda has documented immense health benefits of using kansa vessel in day-to-day food preparation and serving.

Traditionally it was considered best to have food in kansa dinner set 

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