What Is This Secret Of Kansa Metal ?

What Is This Secret Of Kansa Metal ?

Said to be one of the most innovative alloys of human kind, it was discovered to have extraordinary beauty enhancing and soothing properties Kansa was first made in the Bronze Age approximately 5000 years ago by the Harappans – the inhabitants of the Indus Valley, the very same culture that is thought to have developed the principles and practices of Ayurveda – India’s ancient holistic healing system.

The metal Kansa is an alloy of copper and tin. Known in the West as bronze, it was the first of humanity’s metal alloys – and perhaps the most significant.

Being harder and more durable than other materials available at that time, it enabled these ancient people to create superior metal tools, sacred statues, housewares, bells and gongs as well as weapons and armor. Kansa, or bronze as we would name it, revolutionized the ancient world in many ways.

Kansa is considered to be the healing metal of Ayurveda, the Science of Health and Longevity practiced throughout the East.

Known to have extraordinary beauty enhancing and soothing properties, Kansa has a powerful effect as a stress reliever for relaxation and the subtle body energies known in Eastern medicine.

Kansa has many uses; for utensils and implements used in ceremonies.  Along with these uses, there has been the tradition of Ayurvedic physicians recommending the use of Kansa on the feet for their clients.

Increased interest in holistic healing traditions together with a heightened value being placed on the beauty and quality of handcrafted tools has prompted a revival of the classic Indian traditional art of Kansa, the making of specialized metal alloys.

The Kansa massage tool is set upon a hand carved handle that is irresistible to the eye – naturally drawing one to pick it up and use it. It is said to be even more effective than gold or silver.

These wands or tools are used to achieve stunning results on the face, feet and other parts of the body.

Other amazing things about a Kansa Metal massage that will leave you drooling:

The sensation is pleasurable and calms the whole nervous system Can have soothing effects on mild pains

Erases stress and tiredness in the feet or any muscle group

Helps to relax the whole body and calm the mind so you feel clearer and are able to rest or go out there, and shine in the world

Reportedly makes it easier to fall into deep, relaxing sleep

But, in the words of our experts: 

“These are just some of the benefits. We see new things and hear great stories of how people are being helped by our Kansa wands on a weekly basis. You see great results by using the Original Kansa Wands with our simple to learn, time-tested protocols”

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