What Kansa Metal Utensils Are Made Of: Its Composition Explained

What Kansa Metal Utensils Are Made Of: Its Composition Explained

Have you ever wondered why the traditional Indian kitchens were incomplete without Kansa metal utensils? Have you ever questioned their significance, or what makes them so unique and special? Well, we have got all your answers covered in this blog post! Today, we will be unveiling the secret behind Kansa metal utensils by exploring the components that make Bronze vessels stand out. 

The Composition of Kansa Metal Utensils

Bronze metal is an alloy made of Copper and Tin. The proportions of copper and tin can vary, but most commonly, bronze utensils contain about 78% Copper and 22% Tin. Bronze is a harder metal than pure copper, and it is also more resistant to corrosion. 

The addition of tin to copper imparts several desirable qualities to bronze utensils. Tin enhances the hardness, durability, and corrosion resistance of the alloy. It also gives bronze a distinctive golden-brown color. Kansawala’s bronze utensils like Kansa Thali Dinner set, Kansa Nasta Plate, Kansa Serving Bowl, or Kansa Glass are all made up of high-quality pure Bronze alloy. Read our blog “The Art of Handcrafting Pure Kansa Utensils at Kansawala” to know more about the process.

Benefits of Copper Metal In Kansa Kitchen Utensils

Copper is an essential element in the production of Kansa metal utensils. Copper is well known for its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity properties. Copper is also non-reactive, meaning it will not interact with food or affect its flavor. Its benefits are:

  1. Durability: Copper enhances the structural integrity of the alloy, making it resilient and capable of withstanding daily use in the kitchen.
  2. Thermal Conductivity: Copper is an excellent conductor of heat. It allows for efficient heat transfer and distribution throughout the utensil, ensuring the food remains hot for longer durations.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Copper possesses inherent corrosion resistance properties. When used in bronze utensils, it helps protect the alloy from rust or corrosion, ensuring the longevity of the utensils.
  4. Antimicrobial Properties: Copper exhibits natural antimicrobial properties, capable of killing or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This property contributes to maintaining a hygienic environment during food preparation.

Benefits of Tin Metal in Kansa Kitchen Utensils  -

  1. Protection against Copper Toxicity: Copper, on its own, can sometimes leach into food in excessive amounts, which may not be desirable. The presence of tin in Kansa utensils acts as a protective layer, preventing excessive copper from coming into contact with the food being served. 
  2. Enhanced Strength: Tin improves the durability and strength of Kansa utensils. It helps in reducing the brittleness of copper and provides added resilience to the utensils, making them less prone to cracking, chipping, or denting during regular use.
  3. Non-Reactivity: Tin is non-reactive, which means it does not interact with acidic or alkaline foods. This property ensures that Kansa utensils do not affect the taste or quality of the food being stored in them. It preserves the natural flavors and nutrients of the food.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Tin imparts a silver-like appearance to Kansa utensils, giving them an attractive and distinctive look. The combination of copper and tin creates a beautiful contrast, making Kansa utensils visually appealing for serving food.
Why Kansawala’s Bronze Utensils are the Best to Buy

Kansawala has been a leading manufacturer of Kansa kitchen utensils in India for 7 decades. Several reasons make our Bronze kitchen utensils the best in the market. Let’s discuss these reasons:

  1. Handmade Excellence: We take pride in the artistry and skill of our craftsmen. Each utensil like Kansa Dinner Plate, Kansa Bowl, Kansa Cutlery set, Kansa Glass, etc is meticulously handcrafted with attention to detail, ensuring superior quality and a touch of individuality that sets them apart from mass-produced alternatives.
  2. Legacy of Trust: With a heritage spanning over seven decades, Kansawala has built a reputation as a trustworthy brand. Our commitment to delivering top-notch bronze utensils has earned us the trust and loyalty of customers.
  3. Premium Tin Quality: For every product, from Kansa Dinner Set to Kansa Ice Cream Bowl, we go the extra mile to source the best quality Tin metal. The use of high-grade tin enhances the durability, non-reactivity, and aesthetic appeal of the utensils, ensuring a superior serving and dining experience.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Kansawala Team is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We strive to provide exceptional service, prompt delivery, and a hassle-free buying experience. Our commitment to excellence has garnered a loyal customer base and positive customer reviews.

Apart from the above reasons, all Kansawala’s kitchen utensils are tested & certified by NABL, ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance. Also, read “Why Choose Kansawala For High-Quality Kansa Kitchen Utensils?to understand why we are the best choice!

Take Home A Gift of Health – Kansa Utensils 

Kansa metal utensils are a great addition to every kitchen, offering an eco-friendly and sustainable option that is also incredibly durable. Not only does the combination of copper and tin create a beautiful finish for your utensils but it also offers numerous health benefits due to the antimicrobial properties of these metals. So if you're looking for a unique way to add style to your dining routine, why not opt for Kansa metal utensils? Visit Kansawala online shop and explore our exquisite gallery of amazing Kansa utensils!