Health Benefits Using Kansa Glass To Drink Water

Health Benefits Using Kansa Glass To Drink Water
Health Benefits Using Kansa Glass Kansa enhances intellect, improves gut health, appetitive & immunity, purifies blood, and balances tridoshas.
Kansa is also known for killing harmful germs. The Kansa glass is a surreal way to enrich our younger generation with the invaluable traditional wisdom shared by our grand parents.

The Kansa Baby glass is crafted by the Kansara Community of Gujarat. These Exquisite craftsmen follow the age old technique of sand casting and hand buffing to get the fine finish.

Kansara of Gujarat Kansara is the name of a community in Western India, mainly in Gujarat, Kansara are experts in metallurgy and in making hand-made utensils.

They mention about reference of Kansara work in Ramayana. It is believed locally that the art of making utensils by Kansara as well as ornaments existed since Tretayuga.

The traditional Kansara Cluster of Gujarat is age old and have uniquely created an identify for themselves in making some exquisite design.

They are the foremost artisan cluster who have also explored and innovated the use of Kansa for different home and kitchen products The Traditional makers follow both the casting model as well as ingot based hand beaten process to make these exquisite Kansa products.

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