In All Metal Kansa Is Hardest Metal – How Craftsperson Make Kansa ? ?

In All Metal Kansa Is Hardest Metal – How Craftsperson Make Kansa ? ?
Kansara Mukundray Fulchand is a traditional family run firm which produces handmade Kansa; also known as Bronze Utensils, Tableware, Dinnerware and Kitchenware with the efficient and reliable ancient method of Heating & Beating.

We are a family of artisans who are producing these traditional Bell Metal products as well as sustaining this rare art since last five generations.

  • We located in Gujarat.
  • The process of making starts with making metal ingots with 78-80 % copper and 22-20 % tin mixture.
  • The ingot is then repeatedly heated and beaten by a group of artisans to specific shapes.
  • The finer finishing is done using lighter hammers and then a coating of salt and clay applied to firm up the metal.
  • Once cooled, the bronze ware is worked with fine hammers and lathe work to give the shine and finish.
  • It takes 23 operations to make one bronze ware
  • This highly skilled craft takes years of training and working in extreme temperatures.
  • The artisans generally start work early in the morning around 3 am and finish before noon as it becomes impossible to work in extreme heat beyond that!

According to Ayurveda, Kansya ( कांस्य in Hindi) is the best metal to use as a vessel. Bronze / Kansa utensils has been used for centuries for it’s great properties.

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