About Some Exquisitely Crafted Kansa Serve ware

About Some Exquisitely Crafted Kansa Serve ware

These handcrafted Kansa Kansa Serve ware ladle set is an age old design that addresses the daily need for serving in staple Indian Cooking Serve ware.

The set consists of four different types of ladles which are designed to best serve your rice, vegetables, curries and dal.

These hand crafted ladles are made by the Kansara Mukundray Fulchand of Gujarat following the age old technique of Kansa Casting honed over many centuries.

The finer artwork/craft on the handles are a unique specialty of the cluster.

Ayurveda has documented immense health benefits of using kansa vessel in day-to-day food preparation and serving.

Traditionally it was considered best to have food in kansa dinner set

The artisans generally start work early in the morning around 3 am and finish before noon as it becomes impossible to work in extreme heat beyond that!

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